Natalia Spivak : le travail actuel des ONG et des autorités suisses, perspective ukrainienne


Natalia est journaliste - et réfugiée ukrainienne en Suisse

Une grande partie des NPO et des autorités en Suisse sont concernées d'une manière ou d'une autre par l'invasion de l'Ukraine par Poutine. Comment une journaliste ukrainienne voit-elle l'engagement actuel des autorités et des NPO en Suisse ? Le blog de Kampagnenforum en donne un premier aperçu. Dans le prochain article, Natalia analyse quelles optimisations seraient opportunes pour améliorer le travail des ONG sur le terrain. 

Just for a moment, imagine yourself in a situation where in one morning, you will wake up as usual, but your life will never be the same.

The whole world will get upside down for you. You will need to start your life from zero, in a new country, learn a new language to be able to find a job. Back home you had a good lifestyle, your own home, a car, clothes, jewelry.

And now you are very thankful just for a bed to sleep tonight and be alive.

This is happening all over the world, to more people than most can imagine. This is happening in the third decade of the 21st century: In the beginning of 2022. How would you feel? 

For Ukrainians, this painful experience got into their lives, with no expectations, no time to get ready for it. And became a new reality. 

How volunteer work and warmth is not a nice to have, but essential humanity

For those who were able to safely run from the war in Ukraine and come to Switzerland, the hospitality and kind support of Swiss people touches their hearts. From the minute of the arrival to train station Zurich HB, Ukrainian volunteers escort them to the Welcoming Center near the train station, where friendly staff will offer to fill the application for status S in Switzerland, will organize a hotel to stay in Zurich with included breakfast, lunch and dinner or financial support for food a 10 CHF a day. Ukrainians are being placed in Novotel Airport Zurich, Hotel Olympia, Hotel Sternen Oerlikon. Also, the welcoming governmental centers work really well, with respectful staff doing their best to help Ukrainians. Inside, hot drinks, snacks, fruits, and play space are offered for kids.

As a Ukrainian myself, I want to inform how appreciated this work of the people of a country and their government is. To not only be assisted, but to be welcomed warmly. We are also very thankful for the new status S launched. Fast and direct action is essential in such states of crises. As refugees, we come to Western Europe for protection and security, not in the so-called search of a better life. Most of us would wish to stay in peace in Ukraine. We lost everything back home, and appreciate the decision for Ukrainians to have at least our freedom and to come and leave freely the Schengen area. To not be able to leave the country would, on top of everything else, feel like an unfair imprisonment. While our relatives are dying for peace in Europe.


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Natalia Spivak