Our services

- campaign planning
- strategy development
- public events and actions
- media work
- research
- video documentary

Our history


Campaignforum Ltd. started in 2001 as a spin-off of former Greenpeace campaigners and action coordinators.  Meanwhile it has grown into a full-fledged consulting and PR agency with additional competences in various areas. In 2011 Kampaweb Ltd was founded as a subsidiary company soon becoming the leading online-communication and online-campaigning firm in Switzerland.

Campaignforum  Ltd is known and valued for its dedicated team, innovative approach and successful ideas. We command an exceptional position in the Swiss NGO market place based on our proven record of service.

We have successfully organized large political rallies with up to 25'000 participants for the Dalai Lama in Berlin or for environmental groups.  We passionately brainstorm creative campaign ideas and have satisfied small local groups and organizations working on national and international level for a change of labour and development policies.

Groups such as Greenpeace or the Swiss Red Cross rely on our help to organize attractive actions. We have attracted the attention at international climate conferences and stunned media around the world with our ideas.  The picture above shows a rice art image that Greenpeace realized in Thailand with our support.

About the way we work

We promote ideas and products that reflect progressive environmental and social standards. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse projects not complying with our values.

We deliberately keep our operation small and flexible to ensure maximum efficiency in our work. Additionally, we closely work with a network of freelancers and partners.


For more information contact: 
Wangpo Tethong, wtethong@kampagnenforum.ch,  +41 78 744 30 10